The sun is (finally) peeking out from behind the clouds, the temperature has risen (slowly, but surely) and the summer season is in sight. There’s only a month of classes left before that dreaded obstacle before summer — finals.

Is there any word that can make you cringe more? All those times you doodled in the margins instead of paying attention, dozed off in class or didn’t even bother showing up; there’s less than four weeks to salvage what’s left of the semester.

Start small — open the book or go to class. If you have already been sitting at your desk, try paying attention or raise your hand. Resist the temptation to give into utter despair and take a nap right there in the middle of Spanish. Even though you know nothing, at least pick up a phrase or two that will be helpful should you ever go abroad.

Trudge onto your next class, and take a bolder step. Scribble down some illegible notes, listen to at least half of what the teacher says and crack the spine of the book you were required to buy.

Make your way down to the Dolan School of Business, even though it’s raining and the temptation to skip is overwhelming. Draw in the margins as the wave of mutual fund information washes over you and the rest of the class. Don’t worry about not focusing — the entire class was asleep anyway. The dreary weather put them in a stupor.

When the spring days come, bring your homework outside. I can guarantee that you’ll get so much done. The bright light and warmth of the sun will get your motivation going … right after you take a trip to the beach or work on your tan.

If you aren’t as productive as you wanted to be before Easter weekend, there is still hope for you. Fight for a spot at the library upon your return with everyone else who has put off a semester’s load of work until the last week. The sun and warmth will be taunting you, but that English paper demands to be written. Make the tough decision to salvage the study session or make a deal with the devil in order to pass your rapidly approaching finals.

So now that Easter weekend and summer are right around the corner and you want to save yourself the stress and trouble, it’s probably a good time to finally crack open that history book and read. Or, you could marathon “House of Cards” on Netflix. There’s still a month left, after all.

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