To the Editor:

Like many of my classmates, I was outraged at the wild accusations set forth by FUSA, the Ham Channel, and the administration. I have been a sports writer on The Mirror the past two semesters.

Originally, I wanted to get on Dr. Simon’s good side and hopefully improve my grade in his EN11 class. However, joining The Mirror has been one of the best decisions I’ve made at Fairfield. I am extremely impressed with the intelligence and dilegence of students who work on the paper.

The editors especially impress me with their unbelievable dedication. I think back to a story I heard about Mike Pignataro working until the sun came up on a Tuesday night – I hardly believe anyone from The Ham Channel has shown a fraction of this ardent dedication.

I think that the administration should be as proud of this paper and you and I are. I find it deplorable for upper administration to openly attack Dr. Simon, who clearly has done nothing but teach students to be good journalists.

Furthermore, I currently am looking into transferring from Fairfield and some of my main reasons are that the administration and FUSA are run so poorly. I’ve officially realized it is impossible to enjoy myself at this school without getting in written up. Hopefully, the administration and FUSA will listen to The Mirror’s legitimate grievances when many of my classmates and I transfer.

When they are out $35,000 times 100 students this may be the only way to open their eyes. It seems that money, not students, is the only thing administration cares about.


Mark Bealin ’06

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