Valentine’s Day just passed and many may be feeling lonely after seeing all those posts on Instagram. With technology, it is so easy to meet potential love interests with just the click of a button. Through many applications such as Tinder, Bumble or Hinge, people can attempt to find the right partner for them. Although many people may argue that online dating is not the way to find true love, there are many couples who met online who are involved in successful relationships and marriages. People should not instantly shut down the thought of meeting people online because there are definitely positives to it. 

Online dating can be a convenient and fun tool because it allows people to meet a wide range of others from different areas. If you live in a small town, you may want to venture out after being bored of seeing the same faces all the time. One benefit of many of these online dating sites and applications is that you can normally see the user’s location. It may help to know if they live around you in case you do not prefer to get into anything serious long distance.

Many online dating applications provide other information such as photos of the person, their age, their past education experiences and their interests. Although I believe personality is as important or even more important than someone’s appearance, many people are clearly interested in what the person looks like. Those who have a certain “taste” will have the ability to match with and date those who they choose to or they even have the option to decline people. In this case, it may be less awkward shutting someone down over the internet than in person.

Another positive of meeting someone online is that you can learn about a person before you actually meet them. Many applications allow users to mention some of their hobbies and interests. People may also decide to use messaging features to have a conversation. Getting to know someone before meeting them may provide people with something to talk about in person such as some of their favorite things to do. This can be beneficial in helping people decide whether they want to actually meet the person they are connecting with or not.

I believe that online dating can also give people more confidence to reach out to or speak to others first. Being shy can definitely make it harder to connect with someone. Many may feel uncomfortable walking up to someone they are attracted to and may not know how to start a conversation with them. Although many may feel more comfortable starting a conversation through technology, if they end up meeting in person, they must have the social skills to interact with them face to face.

While I think online dating can provide many benefits such as meeting new people, those who decide to do it definitely have to be aware of the safety precautions. Many people may abuse the point of online dating and “catfish” others. They may choose to have a profile picture of someone else and lie about their age and other information that may be crucial to someone when finding a match. When online dating, make sure you do not put anything too personal out there! Although it may be rare that you will be meeting someone who is not the person you thought, it is better to be safe.

I think that those who decide to online date should not feel embarrassed about doing it, because many people do. Although many may have an opinion about online dating, nobody should be judged for it! Online dating truly does have positive aspects that can help many towards finding the one for them.

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