At the beginning of your academic career at Fairfield, you are usually introduced to a specific term, a “StagMate”.  But what actually is a “StagMate”? 

  I remember the first time I was introduced to the term; I was at work and a customer had asked me where I got to school. After replying, he said, “I met my wife at Fairfield, we are StagMates!”

  When browsing through Fairfield’s website, an entire page is dedicated to “StagMates”.

The website reads, “Did you know that 10% of Fairfield’s alumni are married to fellow Stags? We love celebrating and hearing from these alumni couples, affectionately known as StagMates. Scroll to read some of their love stories, and if you’re a StagMate, be sure to submit your own story!” 

From showcasing many StagMate love stories, Fairfield even offers to send a free “Once a Stag, Always a Stag” banner for all soon-to-be StagMates currently planning their wedding. However, in my opinion, for another peer at Fairfield to be considered your “StagMate,” it does not necessarily have to be a romantic relationship. The term “StagMate” can refer to any close relationships between two members of the Fairfield community, not just romantic ones. 

  A StagMate is a celebration of the strong community and bond that members of Fairfield share, regardless of the specific type of relationship they have with one another. Overall, Fairfield values the connections and relationships that fellow “Stags” form with each other, whether they are romantic or platonic. 

  A StagMate can range from a professor to a staff member, a roommate or anyone else who had a significant influence on your personal and academic growth at Fairfield. I think a StagMate consists of any individual who bettered you while spending time at Fairfield can be considered your StagMate. 

My StagMate is my present roommate today, whom I met during my first year at Fairfield. My roommate, Gina Fiacco ‘24, has bettered me overall as a person during my time so far at Fairfield. Gina’s influence has played a significant role in my academic and personal success, and with her, I achieved more. 

I believe a StagMate can be anyone who shows genuine care for someone as a friend. I felt incredibly fortunate to have a StagMate like my roommate, who’s always ready to go the extra mile, no matter the challenge. 

The lessons you can learn from their StagMate should continue to inspire you today. My Stagmate has shown me the true essence of friendship and has motivated me to keep pursuing my goals, knowing that I can count on her whenever I stumble or need support. 

My StagMate’s constant encouragement has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to preserve and strive toward success. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Overall, a “StagMate” can be any individual who helps you to become the best version of yourself  during my time at Fairfield! 

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article misstated the graduation year of Gina Fiacco. Her graduation year is 2024, not 2025.

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