Waiting for a cab home from the beach in the freezing cold is, to say the least, an unpleasant experience. As the parties wind down, or last call is announced at the Seagrape Cafe, it’s every man and woman for themselves to grab a cab back to campus. If you are one of those blessed partygoers to claim a cab, it’s in danger of being stolen unless you and all your friends get in it fast enough. However, if you are one of those unlucky few that can’t get a cab, the options seem grim. You could walk back to campus, pick the least drunk friend to drive you back, or catch a ride with those cute strangers you just met … but lets face it, none of those is very safe.

So wouldn’t it be great if Fairfield provided a University-approved shuttle to take students back to campus late on Friday and Saturday nights? I think it would be a smart new addition to campus, and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t appreciate this … except the cab companies, of course. Having a campus shuttle run to and from the beach would provide a much-needed, safe way back to campus; however, not everyone agrees.

“The University ran a shuttle at one point and hit significant challenges concerning the safety of the passengers on the shuttle,” Fairfield’s Dean of Students, Karen Donoghue, said. “The shuttles were not driven by EMTs or Public Safety officers and situations occurred that required medical and safety attention, and the shuttles were not equipped to handle the situation.”

Basically, some silly Stag just couldn’t handle their liquor (shame on you!). However, I think a sufficient amount of time has passed and Fairfield should start responding to the needs of its students.

We can learn from past mistakes, and perhaps have an EMT or PubSafe officer traveling on the bus route. I’m not denying that there are potential insurance and legal hoops to jump through in order for this to be put into action, but I believe it is a change that can and should be made.

Donoghue summed up the main reason that Fairfield is unwilling to provide a bus shuttle to and from the beach.

“We have an expectation to treat students like adults. As adults, we expect students to be responsible in all of their social choices,” she said. “If they chose to drink, we expect students to drink responsibility and if they are not able to drive, to take a cab, sleep on a friend’s couch or call a sober friend for a ride home.”

But let’s face it, when we put on our beer goggles, we are definitely not in the mood to act like adults or make mature decisions. Instead we are more concerned about creating those memories, those Facebook muploads that will have you shaking your head in the morning, wondering what ever possessed you to do something like that. So, Fairfield … why not provide a safe, easy way back to campus for students? Specifically for those students who are slightly impaired from their weekend shenanigans; why put them in this potentially dangerous situation? Let’s follow the always-wise advice of Nicki Minaj, when she says “Lets go to the beach, beach” and not have to worry about how we’ll get back to campus.

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