The only excuse for lying around during spring break is if you are lying on a beach.  I believe every spring break should be taken advantage of by keeping busy while enjoying yourself in the process. Yes, spring break is a little time off from classes, but that does not mean time off from all activities. I do not think you need to be away on vacation to have a great spring break. Even if you are not on a tropical vacation like some lucky people, there is still so much to do during spring break to make it worthwhile. Spring break is a time to enjoy yourself by doing different things that make you happy. Keeping myself busy while doing things I might not usually have time for during school is how I will have a great spring break.

My advice for any schoolwork you might have over spring break is to get it done as soon as possible. If all work is done before the break really gets started, there will be nothing to worry about. This way you are not rushing to get it all done at the very end or trying to finish work during the little time you have off. With schoolwork out of the way — for now — there is more time to enjoy your spring break.

Getting a break from the food at Barone should be everyone’s priority. Take advantage of various restaurants in yours and others’ hometowns. And, do not let that food go to waste; bring back as many leftovers as possible to your dorm room. I know that I will be ordering every food group and filling myself with Chinese food, Italian food and a lot of New York pizza before I get my wisdom teeth out. Word of advice, do not schedule wisdom teeth removal for spring break — that is not how to make spring break worthwhile.

Spring break is also the time of year to fill up suitcases with winter sweaters and come back with clothing that hopefully follows with warm weather. It is the time that can be used to go shopping for all the clothes that we say we need, but our bank accounts say otherwise.

Additionally spending time with family and friends is extremely important during this time off. During the school year, homework and classes take up most of our time. This break is an opportunity to relax with family and friends that you do not get to spend as much time with as you would like. Take advantage of the chance to exchange various stories that you haven’t yet had the chance to share while you’ve been away at college. It is a great time to share and create memories with the people that you love.

If you feel left out from not being one of the lucky ones away on vacation, do something about it. Get a job, or ask for extra hours at work and start saving up. Although you might not be away on vacation during this break, you can make it possible over the summer, or for next spring break. Get together with you friends and set goals for each other to save money. That way, one day you can be the ones sharing the vacation photos instead of scrolling through Facebook wishing that you had done something like that. Until then, make a bucket list of things you want to do during your break and be sure to do something different that can be shared with everyone when you come back to school. Looking back at all you accomplished will make your spring break one that you will not forget.

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