I am going to preface this with the following: I am not alone. I am in a long-term relationship going on five years. I will probably spend Valentine’s Day doing all the sappy couple-y things that Hallmark writes about.

That being said, here is the truth: Valentine’s Day never meets our expectations. Think about it. When is Valentine’s Day ever the “perfect day” that greeting cards and movies speak of? When have you ever been swept off your feet on a romantic escapade with your meant-to-be love? When has Valentine’s Day met its expectations? Never, that’s when.

Instead, we spend Valentine’s Day like any other day. There are errands to run, chores to do and goals to meet. Instead of spending the day celebrating the joy that is love, we spend it lost inside of ourselves and our lives. We celebrate with a hurried dinner or a bouquet of flowers hastily sent. Many people consider Valentine’s Day a joke. They move onto the next big thing. Let’s be serious, the only worthwhile part of Valentine’s Day is the day after because of the 80 percent off candy.

But what if we spent this Valentine’s Day a different way? What if instead of spending the day ignoring the holiday, or lamenting how different it is from the 2010 movie, we spend the day celebrating love?

Love is not just for your romantic partner. You can show love for your family, your friends, for soccer or for food. Love is what you care about. You love the things that matter to you. Even the most insignificant thing can still be loved, as long as you care for it.

So this year, let’s celebrate the love that we have for each other and for the world. Spend the day smiling. Spend the day doing the things that you love – spending time with your cat or binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” Spend some time by calling your best friend and saying, “I love you.” Celebrate the day by making the world a little bit of a happier place, for yourself and for others. This year, let’s spend Valentine’s Day being present, because that is what the day should be – a present.

And then go get that 80 percent off candy at CVS on Sunday. Four dollars for 96 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is a deal that doesn’t come every day.

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