Q: How do you plan on focusing in on your conference games going forward?


You need two out of three facets of the game going, involving pitching, hitting or defense. Two of the three have to be solid. We have probably one [facet] of the three right now so our defense is pretty solid. We just need to make adjustments to the pitchers that we see and stay within ourselves.


Q: How would you go about fixing those facets that were mentioned?


Hitting is very mental because in softball and baseball, if you fail 70 percent of the time you are doing okay. Just having quality at-bats, staying the course and not deviating from that mindset are all important. Defensively, we just need a little more thoroughness to not over exaggerate your movements when it’s not clicking. I think the pitching will be fine. The midweek games are so important since it’s good to work out kinks.


Q: What is one positive area and one area to work on for the rest of the season?

A lot of our younger players are starting to get a lot of time and they are contributing a lot. They are getting more acclimated to everything such as the pitching, hitting, defense and the speed of the game, which is a definite plus. We played Monmouth on Saturday and they beat us twice but sometimes you just have to let it go. You just have to move on to the next game. We play over 50 games, so we play a lot. We just have to learn from what we did wrong and move on while taking the positives into the next game.


Q: What is one focal point that you can focus on so you get back to the MAAC Championship?


I think just not getting caught up and taking it day by day, game by game and pitch by pitch. Sometimes you look ahead but you have to do your job. We can’t really worry about what everyone else is doing. We play 20 MAAC games, and you need at least 10 or maybe 11 wins to get into the top six, so that’s our goal. We can’t look ahead. We just have to take it game by game. We have to play well against Yale and Central Connecticut this week to bring that momentum into Manhattan and Saint Peters this weekend.  

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