What are the benefits of being on a college sports team?

Orr: Learning time management skills and team working skills. Obviously, it looks good on a resume, but it’s something bigger than that. For me, it’s the interpersonal relationships and discipline that you have to have in order to be a college athlete.

Theiller: The second I walked on campus, I had 12 friends there for me all the time, whether it’s on the court or I see them around campus. There’s an awesome group of girls that I can hang out with.


How’s the team chemistry? How does everyone get along?

Orr: You would think we never get along, but I truly believe that the most community comes from diversity, and that’s what you see on this team. As far as beliefs and personalities, we make it work. Obviously, there’s going to be differences and disagreements, but at the end of the day we really just have fun playing together.

Theiller: You wouldn’t think so because we have such a variety of personalities, but we mesh so well. Our differences come together and make us a really fun group of girls to be around.


What would you play at Fairfield if you could not play volleyball?

Orr: I’ve never actually played it before, but it would be rugby because I love hitting girls. You can’t directly hit girls in volleyball. You can hit them with the ball, but that’s about it.

Theiller: Probably softball because I played that pretty much all through high school. I definitely miss playing it.


Do you have a favorite professional team or athlete?

Orr: My sister’s husband plays professional basketball so I’d probably say him. He played for Western Kentucky University and now he plays in Mexico.

Theiller: It’s not one of my top favorites, but I’m from Texas so I like the Longhorns.


How does the team prepare for big games?

Orr: Coach wants us to prepare the same for every single game and that’s what he’s been getting on us for lately. Obviously, we have film that we watch, we might be describing certain situations that other teams may put us in, and reenact those situations.

Theiller: We don’t look at it as “Who’s on the other side of the net?” so it’s pretty much the same preparation each time. We work hard throughout all our practices throughout the week and just come here and get in the mindset that it’s game day.


What are your thoughts on new coach Todd Kress?

Orr: He’s about the polar opposite of what our coaches were last year. It’s obviously an adjustment, but there are good sides and down sides to every opportunity. I’m very impressed with how he follows through with things and as soon as he came on board, he started fighting for things.

Theiller: I love him. He does have a nice side. He’s sarcastic, he’s a great guy. But, when we’re in practice, he means business and I love that because we’re here to do work. He wants the best for us and knows to push us and hold us accountable.


Do you have a favorite volleyball moment?

Orr: When I was at Michigan State, we played UCLA, who at the time, were defending national champions. Beating them and rushing onto the court was by far my favorite volleyball moment.

Theiller: When I was on my high school team my senior year, we made it all the way to the state championships and no one expected us to go that far.


How do you think the team will finish this season?

Orr: I think we need to get our act together, but we have so much room for improvement. The struggle is getting everybody on board to do whatever it takes and figuring out what are our goals and executing.

Theiller: Right now, we’re still working some things out, but I think we’re on a steady increasing path, so I think we’ll be peaking by the end of the season.

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