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***** out of *****

$$ out of $$$$

1215 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Mon-Sun 11:00-12am

Dolce Cubano

***** out of *****

$$$$ out of $$$$

78 Southfield Ave, Stamford, CT

Mon-Sun 11:30am-12am

Molto, a wine and mozzarella bar, has remained my favorite restaurant in Fairfield for four years now. If you have not been, put this paper down right now and go immediately. The ownership and staff are among the kindest individuals I have met. The atmosphere is flush and luxurious while maintaining a classic Italian mentality. The wine list offers incredible selections by the glass as well as high-end bottles —  and the cocktails are even more incredible. The owner, Dan, pioneered an excellent Tazo Passion Fruit Tea martini. The vodka is used to steep the Tazo bag and then a splash of pineapple juice is added. Highly recommended.

Dolce Cubano, a rum bar, has recently opened under the same ownership as Molto. The environment can only be described as Molto on steroids. The same flush atmosphere except with more chandeliers, a fireplace, a 360-degree bar and water views on the docks in Stamford. The prices are also much higher than Molto, although being in Stamford makes it more of an occasion spot anyways.

Recommended Dishes:


Goat cheese cakes: almonds, cranberries, cauliflower mash, balsamic – This is a very rich dish but the sweetness of the balsamic and dried cranberries and the crunch of the almonds balance it out.

Chipotle Mango Halibut: mixed vegetable chipotle mango salsa, saffron rice – This is one of the most uniquefish dishes I have had. The salsa pairs perfectly with the light white fish. Not to mention, it is awesome when scooped with rice.sweetness of the balsamic and dried cranberries and the crunch of the almonds balance it out.


Every single dish at Molto is amazing.

Straciatella Mozz – This is a spreadable mozzarella that is great on crostini with prosciutto.

Potato Gnocchi: Butternut squash cream sauce – This tapa-sized dish has awesome tones of brown sugar and spices. It is sweet and light for gnocchi’s reputation. If you are looking for a heavy dish then go with the dinner portion gnocchi with pesto and chicken.

Burrata Pizza – Burrata Mozzarella  on a margarita pizza. This has the same cheese they put on their chicken parmesan, which is out of control. The thin crust is perfect when topped with this rich mozzarella.

Recommended Dessert:


Tiramisu – On par with the best tiramisus I have had in my life. It is extremely flavorful with a delicate texture and presented in a martini glass.

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