Woah…hey! What is this? A study abroad article that is actually about Florence? I know! Finally, due to midterms and this old thing called Florence Discovery Weekend, I’ve had the opportunity to stay around and quite literally discover Florence.

It’s been nice walking around and seeing it all, but I would not have the energy to do all this walking without my six or seven cups of coffee. Seriously, you’re looking at an incredibly caffeinated young lady. A young lady who’s second great love is a cute coffee shop.

I’m talking about the places that I look around and just whisper the words, “This is my aesthetic,” to whoever I’m with. Think dark colors, soft jazz and the warm glow of computer screens.

In Florence, this equates to a little place called La Cite.

It’s super cute. Located just on the other side of the Arno from the Duomo in Florence, it’s probably about a ten minute walk from wherever you could be. It’s got good coffee, free wifi and is open until 2 a.m. Not that I’d be there at 2 a.m., but the ability to do so just really excites me!

It’s just the perfect place to go and do homework or meet up with a friend for some catching up.

But, though we’re just starting to peer into sweater-weather territory in Florence, there’s still points where I’m just desperate for an iced coffee.

Though there were a couple Starbucks sprinkled around Milan, you’re really not going to find much in the big brand coffee department in Florence. It’s all about the corner shop, where you can stop and grab a small, hot latte for just the change in your pocket. Great freaking deal!

But, if you’re someone who just needs that American iced coffee deal, I’ve got some options. Arnold Coffee is quite literally a knock-off of Starbucks, right down to the wallpaper of the New York City skyline inside and the option of getting caramel drizzled on top of your coffee. Someone’s thinking up in the Arnold headquarters! They have some good coffee options, a cute pastry or two and of course…free wifi!!

And no judgement from me if this is what you’re looking for! We used to have an Arnold Coffee right across the street from my apartment. Though it’s now shut down under quite mysterious circumstances, it was the perfect place to run and grab a quick cold brew in nothing but a pair of sweatpants and a pajama top.

There are better options though; Ditta Artigianale has been my current favorite. We’re talking, the-Italian-lady-already-knows-my-order-when-entering kind of favorite. I’m a major fan of a chai tea latte, what can you do ladies?!

It’s also just a super cute place to bring a friend for a catch up. Really a bit too loud if you’re looking for more of a library vibe, but nothing a pair of headphones won’t fix! Also, my roommates and I are big fans of giving them the old, “Oh and takeaway please!” Then they’ll throw it in a cute to-go cup and you’re on your mighty way.

And if you want the best place to bring this girl you met on Tinder, it’s of course La Bistrot. Just the perfect atmosphere for awkwardly bringing up that you can name the Duggar’s in birth order after you learn she’s also from Arkansas.

Florence has just been great.

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