What’s in your spice cabinet? As a college student, you may not have that many spices – and that’s okay! You may have your standard salt and pepper, maybe garlic powder. But, are these three spices going to bring more flavor to a great meal, one you would make for a big event? Your spice cabinet may need a makeover. Here are some spices and seasonings that are essential to cooking up an unforgettable meal:


Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning


Trader Joe’s has amazing foods to choose from, but their seasonings section is to die for – especially their Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. I had about five of these stuffed in my cabinet last year, but this year it has become so popular that it’s hard to find it in stores anymore! If you love everything bagels as much as I do, you’ll love putting much more than a dash of this seasoning on your toast, plain bagels and even avocado. It’ll taste just like the real thing!


Nutritional Yeast


I really do love nutritional yeast. Many people would scoff at that statement, but it is one of my favorite seasonings. It’s flavorful, full of vitamins and minerals and makes a great substitute for cheese in vegan cooking. I love putting nutritional yeast in Annie’s Mac and Cheese (our college favorite) and in curries. It gives the food a nice, thick texture and a boost of nutrition! Tip: This is also available at Trader Joe’s!


Ground Chipotle Powder


Ground chipotle powder is a spice I put in nearly everything I make, from avocado toast to burritos to grilled cheese. If you like a little bit of spice (or a lot of spice, depending on how much you use), this is the perfect spice for you. It gives a bit of a kick to whatever you are eating!




Turmeric has a variety of health benefits, so it can give your meals an extra boost. Whether you put turmeric in soup, tea, curries, rice, eggs, vegetables or a smoothie, you’ll be receiving the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric. Tip: This makes turmeric a great additive in anything when you are sick!




Similarly to turmeric, ginger is another great spice to put in your food when you are feeling under the weather. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle pain and aches. That is why you reach for ginger tea when you are sick – it not only has a strong taste that feels like it kicks the sickness out of you, but it also is proven to help you feel your best!


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