All my friends think I’m a bit weird because I’m the type of person who needs background noise for everything that I do: homework, laundry, cleaning, sleeping — you name it. I don’t always pick music as my background noise of choice, however. Sometimes I put the news on, or whatever show I’m currently streaming. But more recently, I’ve been turning to podcasts!

If you are looking for a series to kickstart your podcast listening journey, or you are an avid podcast fan looking for a new show, I have a few recommendations for you. 

“Anything Goes” with Emma Chamberlain 

In “Anything Goes,” influencer Emma Chamberlain gives listeners an unfiltered glimpse into her life. She records the podcast from the “comfort of her bed” which gives the show an intimate and vulnerable feel as it creates the impression that listeners are getting access to one of their favorite celebrity’s minds they otherwise would not have. This podcast’s description states that on this show “anything really does go.” Listeners can hear “philosophy,”  a “random story from 10 years ago,” “advice” and “sometimes nothing at all,” according to the show’s description.

What sets this podcast apart for me, is how open Chamberlain is when it comes to talking about the anxiety she feels and struggles she faces. In a world where we are surrounded by picture-perfect lives on social media, it’s comforting to know that one of the most famous 20-year-old’s in the world feels the same confusion, anxiety, fear and stress that I do. Her podcast topics range from body-image issues that stem from social media to favorite products that have changed her life and her experiences with stepping out of her comfort zone — there truly is an episode for everyone.  

Episodes are released every Thursday and can be listened to wherever podcasts are found. 

“We Can Do Hard Things” with Glennon Doyle 

Glennon Doyle, the author of “Untamed,” hosts her podcast “We Can Do Hard Things” with her sister Amanda Doyle and her wife, former United States Women’s National Soccer Team player, Abby Wambach. In “We Can Do Hard Things,” the trio, along with other special guests, explore topics that surround the idea of how challenging life can be but that we must always remember “we can do hard things.” 

This podcast was born out of the difficult times the ongoing pandemic brought to life and from “Untamed,” released at the start of the pandemic, that became a huge support for many. She said that the mantra “we can do hard things” saved her life twenty years ago and it became a “worldwide rally cry.” I read “Untamed” at the start of the pandemic, and when I saw that there was a podcast from the same author, I knew I had to listen. At the end of every episode, I always feel better, as if it’s a therapy session each time. All kinds of topics like divorce, marriage, setting boundaries, equality, freedom, battling addiction and loss are discussed on the podcast. 

You can find “We Can Do Hard Things” wherever you find podcasts. 

“Modern Love by the New York Times” with Anna Martin 

I love everything about love. I love loving people and feeling loved by people, and for a long time, the Modern Love column from the New York Times has been one of my favorite columns to read. Anna Martin explores people’s real love lives based off of the New York Times column essays published weekly. On top of being a column and a podcast, there are also three books and a television show based off of the stories shared in the column. 

I love reading the essays, but even more than that, I love hearing them be read. It adds a whole other dimension and layer to the essays because you can hear the voice and emotion as they are read the way they were intended to sound. 

Episodes come out every single Wednesday and the podcast can be listened to on all podcast platforms. 

If you are looking for some intellectual white noise to play in the background of your everyday life, give these three podcasts a try!


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