The month of March is here, which means that Fairfield University’s Inter-Residential Housing Association is getting ready to celebrate Community Pride Month! Students will get the chance to represent their residence hall in various events and competitions. I was recently able to speak with IRHA Vice President, Annie Mackey ‘24, to learn what Community Pride Month is all about and what fun activities are in store for Fairfield University students. 

Mackey explains that for each residence hall, “Community Pride Month is a good time to showcase what you have done.” Each residence hall will post on social media, participate in games and compete against other residence halls. Mackey also claims that for students, Community Pride Month provides “access to meeting new members of your community.” All of the activities planned will serve as great opportunities to meet new people and make new friends within your own residence hall or in others!

I spoke with Mackey about the many fun activities that will take place this month. The month of March can be a long one, and with midterms thrown in the mix, these events can serve as a perfect way to destress, take a break and meet some new friends. 

The first activity, which takes place this week, March 7-10, is called “Duck My Life”. Mackey explains that throughout the week, ducks will be hidden all over campus for students to find. If you find a duck, you can turn it in for some amazing prizes, including candy, a Yeti water bottle, a Bluetooth speaker and even an UberEats gift card. As you walk around campus this week, make sure to keep an eye out for bright yellow ducks as you could be the winner of one of these awesome prizes!

Another activity that takes place the week of March 21, is a social media challenge. Each day of the week, a prompt will be posted and each Residence Hall Association will be challenged to post in accordance with that prompt. This is another great way for RHA to build pride in their community and compete against other residence halls! Make sure you are following your residence hall’s Instagram, as well as IRHA’s account: @fairfieldirha.

The next activity, set to take place on March 22, is “Fairfield’s Got Talent”. Mackey explains that each residence hall will hold its own talent show and the top two acts will make it to the final Fairfield’s Got Talent. This university-wide talent show will showcase some of each residence hall’s best talent, with prizes and points awarded to the winners. To determine these winners, IRHA will be joined by some of Fairfield’s favorite faculty and staff members who will serve as guest judges.

When I asked Mackey which event she was most looking forward to for Community Pride Month, she said “I’m most excited for Fairfield’s Got Talent.” With the challenges the pandemic has brought upon the last two years, students have not had many opportunities to gather and showcase their talents. Fairfield’s Got Talent will be a great way for residence halls to come together and for students to share what they do best! 

The final activity planned for Community Pride Month is Trivia Night on March 29 at 7 p.m. in the lower level of the Barone Campus Center. Students are encouraged to attend with a group of friends to enjoy some snacks and play some trivia games. Of course, big prizes and points for residence halls will be awarded to winning players! 

IRHA has put together an amazing list of activities for Community Pride Month this year, all of which students are encouraged to participate in to show pride in their residence halls. The more students participate, the more chances they will have to win prizes or earn points for their residence halls.

Mackey also asks that students keep an eye out for IRHA’s Spring Fest coming up this April. There will be food trucks, bouncy houses and even more fun activities!


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