Denis Villeneuve has done it again. Making its theater debut on March 1, “Dune: Part Two” not only gave audiences an exhilarating 2.5-hour-long performance but also set the tone for our upcoming generational stars. 

Alongside veteran Dune performers, Timothee Chalamet (Paul Atreides) and Zendaya (Chani), iconic names such as Florence Pugh, Austin Butler and Anya Taylor Joy joined the sci-fi franchise and their deliveries were nothing short of perfection. There are so many good things to say about such a strong cast, such as the clear off-screen friendships, but the solo stand out for me was clearly Butler. 

In only eight minutes of screen time, Butler made a distinct impression by transforming into a role that was practically never before for him. How is this the same man who played Elvis Presley? As Feyd-Rautha, Butler was almost entirely unrecognizable both physically and mentally, playing the unstable and vicious antagonist. Surprisingly, my favorite scene of the film was Butler’s birthday fight scene which resembled a match in the Roman Colosseum.

Additionally, Javier Bardem gave a fantastic rendition of Stilgar by serving as the comedic relief. I didn’t expect to laugh so much when buying my ticket for the action/fantasy, but much like the entire room, Bardem was on fire even in times of the darkest and most serious moments.

Starting from where the first film left off, Part Two opens with Paul and his mother, Lady Jessica, fighting with the Fremen people he comes to lead. Although many members of the group doubt Paul’s rise and leadership capabilities, he proves his strength repeatedly by winning countless battles and drinking the Water of Life which results in the belief that he is truly “The One” from the prophet. 

The audience is left with yet another plot twist, which is to be expected when you have to wait numerous years for the following film, and has consequently sent me into a spiral of making predictions with my friends of what is to come. Will Paul continue to stay at the top? Does Chani ever forgive Paul for his betrayal? How does Alia Atreides come into the larger picture? Looks like I’ll have to start reading the books like most people I spot have been doing on the train these days. It’s just that good!

Overall, the 2024 feature blew Part One out of the water. While both film’s had a brilliant and emotive score, vibrant cinematography and breathtaking production design, the original movie merely laid out the exposition, tone and foundation for what the rest of the franchise will be. Part Two causes the viewer to hold your breath and gasp alongside your peers—much like me—and forces you to see it for a second (or even third time!)—much like my friends.

The hype leading up to the film’s release brought into question whether or not the final product would live up to expectations. But I can certainly agree with the crowds of people online showering it with love! It made for an incredible watch, especially in IMAX, and I can’t wait to see what the next one will bring.

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