New York City is a hub for the visual and performing arts, and it’s ever so conveniently only a 90 minute train ride from our campus. There are plenty of new and exciting art exhibits to see this year, for those who may be looking for something to do on the weekends. Maybe head down to Manhattan, try a hole-in-the-wall pizza place and enjoy some of the plentiful art available in the city.

For those who like to visit some of the big and famous museums, there are new exhibits to look forward to. Donald Judd’s Retrospective collection in the Museum of Modern Art will be on display until July 11, featuring all different modes of art. As an artist, Judd focused on a lack of meaning and narrative behind his pieces, shooting for the creation of art for art’s sake, which is reflected in this exhibition. For fashion lovers, the Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology will have an entire exhibit exploring the idea of power and fashion within a society titled Power Mode: The Force of Fashion. On display until May 9, this collection of clothing from multiple centuries depicts how clothing is used to display, create and perpetuate different power structures.

If you’ve seen our campus’s collection of Cuban art and were deeply inspired, you may also be interested in visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art where there’s currently an exhibit of over 200 works by Mexican and American artists. The idea behind the exhibit is to explore the interaction of Mexican and American artists as Mexican muralists impacted social movements through their epic art. It’s titled Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art (1925-1945), and will be open until May 17.

For film lovers, there’s an exciting exhibition at the Museum of Moving Images in Queens tilted Envisioning 2001: Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey. There are many collectors items and behind the screens works on display that will interest anyone who enjoys the magic behind movie making. It touches upon how Kubrick created this future relationship between man and technology through his own research in the 1960’s. The exhibition will only be up until July 2020, so be sure to get your tickets and visit before time runs out.

In the spirit of spring and enjoying the outdoors, it would be a treat to visit Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn campus to view their GenZ exhibit. One interesting thing about this work of art is that there’s no beginning or end; it simply flows around in one big loop. As Pratt is known for their public art installations, this will surely be an inspirational collection for all of us college students.

Of course you can find countless sculptures and statues throughout the city as you wander around, and you can stumble upon countless smaller art museums and exhibits. Although I have yet to visit any of these exhibits myself, I’m looking forward to the endless amounts of art available at my fingertips. I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience some of these wonderful works of art.

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