There was a faint smell of burning coming from the oven, so I knew the mozzarella sticks were done at least. I rush over, put an oven mitt on, take the mozz sticks out and set them on the stove. They were definitely black around the edges, but still perfectly edible. I set my oven mitt aside, but notice something odd out of the corner of my eye. What used to be the floorboards in front of my fridge had now turned into an open space on the floor with two visible steps leading down. It was not only strange that the floorboards disappeared out of the blue, but also that anything like stairs would exist beneath it given that I live on the third floor of my apartment. I had to see what the hell was going on so I looked closer at the opening. It only got darker the deeper I went, nothing but the void when I reached my hand out. But like most problems relating to my apartment, the best course of action to me was to cover up the problem and act surprised when someone else noticed. I put some kitchen towels over it and put a sign up saying that it was leaking from the fridge.

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