These past two weekends marked the 2023 annual outdoor music festival, Coachella. This event attracts everyone, from music/concert junkies and popular fashion influencers to clueless celebrities, Coachella Valley has become a melting pot. For some, the setlist and headliners draw them to the West Coast, while others use it to show off their methodically planned and perfected festival ‘fits. As a lover of both concerts and good fashion trends, I anticipate this weekend just as much as the celebs themselves. 

Arguably, the bigger spectacle than the prestigious set list for the weekend is the concert-goers walking the desert catwalk. Attendees plan their outfits for months, some making full-on spreadsheets, bedazzling every accessory and methodically preparing for months for this three-day fashion show. The ‘fits that we will see set the tone for the fashion trends of the spring and summer, so it is important to dress to impress! Emma Chamberlain, a frequent Coachella attendee and fashion icon, is always sporting a fun but functional look at these events. On Instagram, Emma debuted her Coachella glam where she was dressed in a denim corset and mini skirt, paired with seemingly comfy red loafers and a handy-dandy fanny pack. A genius outfit based on creativity and most important: comfort!  

The internet’s least favorite gals as of late, Hailey Bieber and the Jenner girls showed up in bleak style. Kendall showed up in an all-black tank and pants and Hailey and Kylie in a white top and blue jeans combo. Their lack of ANYTHING in these boring outfits emphasized their goal to stay out of the spotlight. However, denim-focused ‘fits seemed to be the big seller for the weekend. It was incorporated into outfits by the ladies previously mentioned as well as Storm Reid, Camilla Morrone and Suki Waterhouse. In my humble opinion, if there is anyone who truly “ate” this weekend, I have to go with the queen herself, Alix Earle. Her outfits were elaborate and exciting, and I was eager to open TikTok every morning to see her outfit and GRWM (get ready with me) for the day. 

Okay, let’s talk about what went down with Frank Ocean. I’m sorry to say you would be living under a large rock if you hadn’t heard about the disappointing performance that was the Frank Ocean set on Sunday night. The R&B artist has been on a performing sabbatical for six years, and after the cancellation of his set at Coachella in 2020, anticipation for his return only grew. If there is anyone that I would give an arm and a leg to see in concert, it would hands down be Frank Ocean, a sentiment shared by many. Well, after showing up about an hour late, Frank performed a couple of songs and then promptly shut down his set because of an imposed curfew and parted with reluctant parting words.

Fans were wrecked. Even I was when I saw the news of his upsetting actions over the weekend. All over TikTok and Instagram, fans were expressing their waiting all weekend to see Frank perform, for it to all be rushed and over in seconds. The press hasn’t let Frank down easily, either. Plastered over every news outlet are reports of upset fans and general disappointment in Frank, you can almost feel bad for the guy! Unfortunately, he was also supposed to perform during weekend two, which has since been canceled.  

On this same token, something incredibly refreshing that I saw surface over the weekend was the lifestyle of the “normal” people attending the event. Most emphasized the lack of glamor that went into their morning routines and schedule for the day. Influencers like Alix Earle have a relatively different experience at these events than the majority of those attending the event. When it comes to discussing disappointing performances of the weekend or the crazy prices of food and water, it is crucial to recognize the majority of folks at these events aren’t sent by brands or sponsored. They are regular people like you and me who are excited to welcome the spring season in style and with good music.

Whether walking the valley catwalk in festive denim style or ringing in the summer with good friends and music, Coachella weekend will never fail to provide us with ‘fits and fun!

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