“Dear Brooke, This will be my first time registering for classes. How do I know what classes to take and enroll in them?”

Ugh, yes, the stressful period of registration is nearing once again. I remember when it was my first time signing up for courses on my own, and I was utterly confused and terrified. Thankfully, I feel like now that my fourth time is coming closer, I have a well-rounded knowledge of how to go about registration.

First, in order to prepare, you must visit my.fairfield.edu and take a look at your degree evaluation (don’t forget you have to be on the student wifi server to be able to connect). There, you will find what requirements you still need to fulfill. Those sections will provide you with the course offerings list if you click on the numbers following the subject abbreviation. For example, in the “Natural Science Courses,” you have to click on the “1000:4971” after “BIOL” to see all of the options. Additionally, most of these classes won’t be taught in the upcoming semester, so if any of them catch your eye, make sure it reads “Fall 2022,” the following sections it offers and the number of seats open.

Once you note all of the possible courses that interest you, there will be a time when the registration tab opens early, allowing you to plan a schedule ahead of time. This can be found in the “course registration” tab and then “plan ahead.” A tool like this is incredibly helpful because you’re able to map out all of your classes to work however best fits your schedule. Most times, I fail to realize two of the courses I want to meet at the same hour, so planning it physically will aid you in seeing which ones line up or overlap. As a personal tip, I make sure to review each section offering because multiple professors will teach a majority of classes at different hours. So, if I find a class I really want to take at 8:00 a.m., I might be able to find another that meets at noon! Always be thorough.

One of the more important steps is making more than one plan; actually, make at least four. I’ve never gotten all of the classes I had picked out the weeks prior to the registration date because so many students will press “schedule” at the exact same time as you. If you find yourself not getting into any of the classes your first plan had, you can quickly press “plan two” to ensure you can at least get your second choice. But, an essential tip (I learned the hard way last semester) is to go into your favorite proposed schedule the night before and click on each class to look at how many seats are available. There are not only multiple class years signing up before you but also athletes and honor students who get first pick. So, I recommend making sure there are open seats in the first place. Last semester, I went to register, and three of my first choice classes were already full before my registration time – make sure you double check!

This goes without saying, but confirm that you know the date and time of your registration. Once you double, triple and quadruple check, set an alarm for ten minutes prior (which will most likely be 6:50 a.m.), make sure your computer is fully charged in a location where the wifi is working and that your device is properly functioning. If you follow these steps, you should be able to stroll into the fall semester without any issues. I wish you luck, but just know, getting your top choice isn’t sometimes all too bad. I’ve had some super eye-opening courses I would’ve never taken without a deep search trying to find a replacement. Nevertheless, just plan ahead!

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