This year’s Super Bowl game with the San Francisco 49ers versus the Kansas City Chiefs did not disappoint. The game had its ups and downs filled with exciting moments including the infamous commercials and the halftime show. I watched the historical game on campus with a group of friends all rooting for the 49ers as the Chiefs endured their quest for a dynasty, as the seventh-longest game in the history of the NFL.  

The Super Bowl highlights consisted of everything from game-changing injuries, fumbles, interceptions, field goal kicks and, of course, nail-biting winning touchdowns. The 49ers’ two best players were hurt early on and taken out of the game only to be followed by two more player injuries – a significant blow to the 49ers which may have cost them the game. However, the 49ers were still able to take the lead in the first half scoring 10-0, despite their many mistakes. The Chiefs trailed by double digits as they tried to defend their Super Bowl championship title to create a dynasty. This created a significant amount of pressure as witnessed by Travis Kelce’s outburst, when he body-checked his head coach out of frustration. To further the intensity, the game went into overtime at 19-19 making it only the second overtime game in Super Bowl history. Even though Mahomes, the Chiefs quarterback, threw an interception and got sacked a few times, the Chiefs still came out on top. With 3 seconds left in the game, the Chiefs won 25-22 in overtime with the winning touchdown.

To add to all the excitement, the infamous commercials and half-time show featuring Usher also did not disappoint. There were many surprise guest performances at the half-time show by artists such as Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris,, and H.E.R. Although there was lots of speculation that Justin Bieber would come onto the stage and perform with Usher, he remained seated as a spectator in his suite watching the show with his wife, Hailey Bieber. More speculation arose around a surprise performance by Beyonce. The surprise was actually her announcement through a commercial for her new country album – Renaissance II. 

The Super Bowl commercials this year were top tier. Two of my favorites were the hilarious Dunkings featuring celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady. Along with the very funny CeraVe commercial featuring Michael Cera.

I gathered with 10 of my football fan friends to watch the Super Bowl in one of the residence hall lounges in the Quad. In typical Super Bowl fashion, we had lots of food. We ate Domino’s pizza and cheesy bread, and of course chips such as Doritos and Ruffles. My roommate made a healthy option of onion dip and crudite with peppers, carrots and other veggies.  I brought homemade banana bread and carrot cake which my grandma made for us. Our drinks consisted of Welch’s sparkling white grape juice, Coca-Cola, and Arizona iced tea. Needless to say, there were no leftovers! It was a fun time with fans, friends, and food as we watched Super Bowl history in the making.

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