Every year people around the world anxiously await their favorite celebrities’ award show outfits! Recently, the annual Emmy Awards show took place which sparked a lot of conversation on certain fashion choices. Some of these fashion choices were the star of the show and some were very unfortunate looking …

One of my favorite looks of the night is a Louis Vuitton leather strapless dress worn by Ayo Edebiri. Her dress looked like a balloon in the best way possible and accentuated all of her features. The dress was simple yet elegant with a modern twist! 

We all know Jeremy Allen White from his famous Calvin Klein underwear advertisement, but he can also rock a suit! White strutted the red carpet in his Giorgio Armani suit. I can’t tell which look I like better: the white blazer or the white Calvins!

Of course, this list of favorites wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Margot Robbie! Robbie wore a dress inspired by Barbie because she is Barbie! Her bright pink sequined dress stole the show and was quite literally the talk of the Emmys. 

Of course, at every award show, there is an atrocious look or two. I have to say I was not a fan of Simona Tabasco’s dress. The floral pattern was way too much and too bold. It looked like a grocery bag one would buy at Stop & Shop.

To continue with the pattern of bold choice dresses, Alex Borstein sported one of the most un-aesthetically pleasing dresses I have ever seen. The dress itself was confusing to look at and was honestly just hard on the eye. The dress looked like it was lingerie with the black lace exposed on the leg and chest. This is an outfit that I personally would recommend to keep in the back of your closet.

I think the dress that takes the cake for my least favorite is Ali Wong’s. Her dress is also continuing on the bold pattern trend and is not pleasing to the eye. The top part of the dress is sequined with a sheer lining on the top of it. This paired with a blue floral pattern on the bottom of the dress was definitely a statement. The floral skirt looks like a pattern of a couch you would find at your grandmother’s house and the top part of the dress screams 2000s prom dress. 

Award shows every year get a lot of media attention specifically for the fashion choices and I look forward to it every time. Some outfits are definitely better than others but the bad outfits make it just as entertaining to watch! Award season is in full swing right now with many upcoming shows to look forward to, but I know that everyone is anticipating the annual Met Gala, so until then keep your outfit-criticizing skills sharp!

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