Fall fashion is by far my favorite. The outfits are comfortable and cute, featuring muted colors and lots of soft textured styles. However, the weather this time of year makes it hard to dress for the day. For morning classes, it’s cold, so bundling up in sweatshirts and sweatpants makes sense, but by the time the afternoon rolls around, it is way too hot to be wearing all those layers. Dressing for this season is especially difficult because fall fashion makes me want to dress like an autumn-themed Pinterest board from head to toe. Jeans, cozy sweaters and uggs are very popular clothing items, but the weather just makes it too hard to wear them all day long. Here are some stylish and practical outfits that can easily be worn from morning to night during this transitional weather period. 

The first outfit that I would suggest is a simple one: leggings, a light sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. This pairing makes it easy so that when you are heading out for your 8 a.m. class, you can be comfortable and warm, but it is easy to cool off by simply removing your sweatshirt when the blazing afternoon sun beats down. Be sure to wear a short-sleeved shirt underneath your sweatshirt so that you are not fully covered up with your leggings on. The sneakers also allow your feet to not get too hot when walking from class to class. 

The next outfit suggestion I have is one for those who are willing to brave the morning chill. It features a sweatshirt, shorts and sneakers. This combination may be better suited for days when the weather is a little warmer in the mornings and definitely hotter in the afternoons. When wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, you won’t find yourself needing to remove or change any pieces of your outfit as the weather warms up throughout the day. As previously mentioned, the sneakers prevent your feet from overheating during the long walks around campus.

While the weather may be difficult to dress for now, in a few weeks, it will be the perfect time to dress in my favorite fall fashion trends. Uggs are my number-one pick for this year. They are a staple shoe in any fall wardrobe. Their popularity has remained constant throughout the years. Uggs are a comfortable, warm and stylish piece that can be paired with almost any fall outfit from a matching sweat-set to jeans and a fun sweater. 

Another fall fashion favorite of mine is flared leggings or yoga pants. These bottoms can easily be dressed up or down. By pairing these leggings with a cute sweater and sneakers, you have an easy and fashion-forward outfit for the day. Dressing down flared leggings with a comfortable sweatshirt and, my personal favorite, Uggs gives you the perfect outfit for a cozy, fall day. Flared leggings grew popular quickly, but have remained a solid choice in most closets since then. They provide a simple fashion choice to elevate any outfit this season. 

While deciding what to wear each morning is difficult with the ever-changing weather, it is important to prioritize comfort. However, this does not mean we can’t also dress fashionably. These options are guaranteed to help you pick the best outfit for a fun fall day!

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