Handbags have the potential to enhance your outfit, injecting a shot of color, pattern or texture into your overall look. Certain handbags can do all that and more — even helping to provide girls all over the world with an education.

Following her appearance on the cover of October’s issue of InStyle, People Style reports that First lady Michelle Obama channeled her relationship with the magazine into a line of charitable handbags that will benefit the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund. The fund, founded by president and First lady Obama, states that their aim is to ensure that girls around the world attain “the education they deserve.”

People Style says the collection features American-based designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, DKNY, Carolina Herrera and Jason Wu, who all depict different countries served by Let Girls Learn. The cultures of the countries chosen by each designer thus influence the overall aesthetic of the bag. Specifically, Carolina Herrera represents Peru with its silhouette of the country emblazoned across the front of the bag while DKNY’s black, green and gold design is reminiscent of the Jamaican flag that it represents.

While People Style reports that the bags don’t go on sale until Oct. 10, styles are currently available for pre-order. Prices for these charitable totes start at $52, with People Style reporting that 100 percent of the profits will benefit Let Girls Learn.

So while we’re walking to our next class, doing our homework and enjoying our Fairfield education, remember that you can help give the gift of education to girls all over the world just by online shopping.

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