Building a well-rounded wardrobe in college can be quite difficult. Not only do you continue to shop for the latest trends and pieces that fit your own personal style, but you also need to shop for season-specific and circumstance-specific clothing. However, accessories are another facet of building a wardrobe than can sometimes go overlooked. Just as it is important to find functional clothing for all weather and occasions, it is equally necessary to find accessories to pair with these pieces. Here are some of my suggestions for staple accessories you need for the this season of transition.


Guys and girls alike can try out the oversized scarf trend, which can either take the form of infinity scarves (also known as circle scarves) or blanket scarves, which are large, often printed scarves that when unfolded resemble a blanket. The key with blanket scarves is how they’re wrapped; one of the easiest ways to wrap a blanket scarf is by folding the scarf in half in a triangle shape, positioning the point of the triangle at your chest and then wrapping the ends around your neck and to the front of scarf. Wearing one of these scarves is not only fashionable, but a great way to stay warm in the dipping temperatures.

Kerry Meehan '17 shows off her stacked bracelets and rings.

Kerry Meehan ’17 shows off her stacked bracelets and rings.


Hats are a great way to add a bit of personality to an outfit without having to do too much work. For guys, a great option for the colder weather is a wool baseball cap; these hats come in a variety of styles and are even available with your favorite sports team on them. For girls, the ‘70s are making a comeback, and floppy wide brim hats are just the way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Wearing this hat in a pretty wine color offers a stylish alternative to the traditional black style.


Jewelry is the perfect way to pull together an outfit. Guys can do so with an oversized watch which can make even a button-down shirt and jeans look much more polished. For more casual, edgy looks, guys can also try leather cuffs. For girls, layering is key, so stacked bracelets, layered pendants and multiple rings are the way to go.


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