A common question that many Fairfield students, including myself, may find themselves asking as the weekend approaches is, “What can I do on the weekends if I don’t have a car on campus?” 

It can be hard at times to think of creative ways to have fun on the weekends here at Fairfield when you don’t have a car. But I’m here to tell you that even though you may feel stuck on campus without your own mode of transportation, there is plenty to do both on and off campus!

Here are just a couple of on-campus opportunities you can take advantage of to get involved on the weekends:

Check out Fairfield@Night:

One of my favorite programs on campus is Fairfield@Night. This program puts on a variety of late-night social events ranging from arts and crafts to game nights to movie showings. I have found myself at a Fairfield@Night event almost every weekend this semester, especially during the Halloween season. I have enjoyed carving pumpkins, playing Halloween Bingo and watching “Hocus Pocus” with my friends, all in the past month! You are guaranteed to have a fun time and meet some new friends when you attend a Fairfield@Night event! Make sure to follow their Instagram or keep up to date on Life@Fairfield so you don’t miss out on future late-night events.

Attend an Athletic Event:

Head over to Lessing Field or Rafferty Stadium to enjoy a variety of sporting events. Catch a game of soccer or field hockey, without even leaving campus. Wear your Fairfield colors and support your fellow stags in the stands. Make sure to check out the schedule of your favorite sports team so you never miss a game!

While there is always something happening on campus, if you are itching to get off campus, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to have fun off campus even if you don’t have a car. Here are some ideas for you:

Take the Stag Bus into Town:

Fairfield provides free transportation by bus to all students and stops at various locations across town including the Fairfield Bookstore, Stop and Shop, CVS, Whole Foods, Marshalls and more. Take advantage of Stag Bus to get some of your chores and shopping done on a quiet weekend or hop off at the Bookstore to shop for some merchandise or enjoy a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. Enjoy a casual lunch at Colony Grill or Flipside Burger and Bar or go out for a fancy dinner at Quattro Pazzi Cafe. There are so many great restaurants to try in Fairfield and I have yet to find one that disappoints. Don’t forget to grab some desert at Milkcraft while you’re at it!

Take a Walk to the Beach: 

One of the selling points of Fairfield for me was its close proximity to the beach. I know that it can sometimes seem like a far walk, but believe me, the exercise is well worth it! The beautiful scenery of Penfield or Jennings Beach can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Grab some friends for a seaside walk, go for a swim in the ocean or pick up some food and enjoy a beautiful sunset. 

Take the Train into the City:

Another one of the benefits of Fairfield University’s location is its close proximity to New York City. If you need a change of pace, head into the bustling city for a fun day trip. You can enjoy great food, entertainment and much more in New York. A day trip to the city may be something to keep in mind, especially as the Christamas season approaches. Just imagine all the festive decorations: the twinkling lights, the evergreen trees, the skating rinks and the promise of snow in the air. Conveniently enough, the Stag Bus makes its first stop at the Fairfield Train Station. Hop on the train and you’ll find yourself in New York City in just over an hour! 

Whether you want to stay on campus or seek out a new adventure elsewhere, you will never be “stuck” on campus on the weekends. There is always fun to be had!


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