Fairfield University is an extremely unique school with many different activities for all class years. There are many different things a Fairfield student can look forward to, being just ten minutes from the beach, as well as in the middle of a suburb. 

The Stag Bus is a form of free transportation that any student can use. It runs throughout the week and takes students from campus to many stops throughout the town of Fairfield. 

“I remember freshman year my friends and I would take the stag bus every so often into town to go shopping, go out to dinner and run to CVS if we needed,” said Emma Wagner ‘22. “It was so easy to do and nice to get off of campus for a little bit!”

The Stag bus runs directly on a path from the traffic circle of Fairfield’s campus and has multiple stops in town, ranging from the bookstore, CVS and Marshall’s, the grocery store and the train station. With Fairfield being located in a larger town, there are many restaurants students can access directly from the Stag bus line and explore the town while waiting for the bus to return an hour later. 

There are also more places the bus takes students to on the weekends. 

“A really nice part of the Stag bus was that on the weekends it would go to the Trumbull Mall,” said Annie Reilly ‘22. “Having access to a mall was a lot of fun and a nice way to get out of town for a little and shop in-person compared to online.” 

The Stag bus is a great option for students to use to get to where they want or need to go without having to pay the hassles of an uber to get things they need. 

Besides off-campus activities, there are some fun clubs to be a part of that host many activities as well. It’s especially great for freshmen to make new friends. 

“I would recommend Fairfield@Night for fun weekend activities,” said Sam Secora ‘21. “They host late-night events on the weekends that vary from crafts, bingo, trivia and even movies! It’s an enjoyable way to participate in activities with some friends and even meet new people.” 

Fairfield has many clubs besides Fairfield@Night that host events on the weekends, and every Thursday an email is sent out about what events will be held on specific days. Utilizing those emails and the activities listed are a great way to get involved, meet new people and add to a Fairfield University college experience. 

There are many things to do on and off-campus, so utilize all of the resources you can!


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