For every season, I have an extremely long list of fun dates and activities that perfectly match the weather. And while I love apple picking in the fall or creating delicious gingerbread houses in the winter, the summer months never fall short in terms of exciting things to do. 

On my summer schedule, a large portion of the list forces you to stray away from your house and venture into nearby landmarks or towns, which I love. Not only does this encourage you to find new and beautiful locations around you, but driving to your destination with the windows down and music blasting is my absolute favorite thing to do. So, if you have the gas money or free time to go out into the world, here are some activities that you should undoubtedly take part in this summer.

Go to the beach – This sandy destination is a staple activity for any summer day, especially since there are so many things to do for all types of people. If the water doesn’t scare you, grab a boogie board or surfboard and hit the waves. Or you could just float around in the tide to cool off. 

If the water is cold, there’s too much seaweed or just if the open ocean freaks you out; you can always soak up the sun by tanning, building a sandcastle or walking along the shoreline. At the beach I normally go to, there is a section of rocks my family and I like to walk along. It’s a nice place to search for sea glass, crabs or pretty shells.

Have a picnic – I can not stress enough how much I love picnics. If you don’t want to have one on the beach, you can always find a grassy clearing or a local park where you can lay down a blanket and enjoy a spread of yummy food. I personally love bringing a deck of cards, a movie player or a speaker which plays my favorite songs to make the night even more enjoyable.

Head to a Drive-in – I’ve always wanted to go to a drive-in, but I’ve sadly never been able to. Once I even made it a point to visit one at least once in the summer, but the closest one near me closed down. But, if you have one close to you, by all means, take the opportunity while you can. You can cuddle with a loved one in the trunk of your car with fluffy blankets and pillows while stuffing your face with popcorn and candy! That sounds like an unforgettable night to me.

Let out some screams – Even though roller coasters can sometimes make people motion sick, most find it to be the most thrilling activity. There are many amusement parks located throughout the country, so I’m sure it won’t be difficult for you to find them. However, I will always suggest that you purchase a “fast pass” if you go to one. Though they can be expensive, waiting in long lines can stop you from getting on more than four rides. This same advice goes for water parks as well.

Satisfy your appetite – I really enjoy eating out at a nice restaurant, especially in any outdoor seating. It is super relaxing and rewarding to sit down and have a tasty meal. However, the dessert is the best part. I always enjoy going to my local ice cream shop and eating a cone outside with my friends. It’s definitely a core memory and super “summery.”

I also recommend trying to find any local food truck festivals that may be near you! My family and I found one a couple of years back, and it was super filling and we found some of our favorite restaurants this way.

Try some water sports – There are so many types of sports and activities you can try that involve the water, and what better activity to do when it hits 90 degrees? Most people love to go white water rafting in rapids, which you can do in a tube or kayak. You can also go fishing, take a ride on a boat or have fun on a jet ski. Most of these activities are affordable for renting if you don’t own them and they will absolutely put a smile on your face!

Take part in some “cliches” – Go-karting, mini golfing and driving bumper boats are all things I used to do as a kid, but I can easily say that there is no age limit on any of these adventures. Taking part in such a competitive activity surely drives you to have fun and produces lots of laughs.

Enjoy nature – Find a local trail or hiking path and walk the road! You can get in a great workout and take in the beautiful scenery. If you have a dog, it might be nice to bring them with you too!

You can also enjoy the outdoors by going fruit and flower picking at a nearby farm or orchard. Not only is it a joyful and time-consuming task, but in the end, you will have a bunch of fresh ingredients for a morning fruit salad, snack or sweet dessert. Additionally, a fresh bouquet will definitely be a gorgeous addition in your house.

On days where you want to chill at home or save your money, there are still plenty of things to do in your backyard where you can continue to enjoy the weather and summer air.

Fire up the gill – A barbeque is something that almost everyone loves! Saucy ribs, pasta salad, hot dogs, burgers, cornbread and so many other mouthwatering dishes are devoured from your plate in seconds…well, at least mine. Moreover, it’s the perfect meal to eat outside! 

Gather ‘round the campfire – A bonfire should always be accompanied by smores, music, lawn chairs and friends. Although it may be annoying when you have to start swatting those mosquitos, grab a can of bug spray and enjoy the night. 

Splash around – If you are fortunate enough to have a pool, what are you waiting for? It’s time for a huge party! Take advantage of this cooling device that is free of sharks and start making some huge cannonballs. But of course, don’t forget to wear your sunblock.

Do-It-Yourself – In my opinion, summer is the best time to create your own things! You can tie-dye any type of clothing or accessory outside, paint rocks and lay them out in your yard or weave matching friendship bracelets. It’s so much fun to make and once you finish you have your own artwork to show off.

Appreciate the sky – Sunrises, sunsets, stargazing and cloud watching; who knew there were so many things you can do with the sky? This may sound boring to some, but I truly feel that taking in these breathtaking features will allow you to take a moment to destress, breathe and acknowledge the Earth’s beauty.

After missing out on our summer fun last year due to an unexpected quarantine, I think now more than ever is the time to make up for lost time. I encourage you to get out of your house, seize each day and make sure to live in the moment!


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