This article contains Game of Thrones SPOILERS:


Well, ladies and gentleman, winter definitely came. All over the world, “Game of Thrones” fans got the chills from this Sunday’s season six premiere. The biggest question left to be answered  from last season was, what will Jon Snow’s fate be? Is he dead or is he alive? I know everyone, including myself, was up day and night for the past year trying to figure out the answer to that question. Don’t hold your breath folks; as of right now we still don’t know.

As season five came to a close, there was definitely a lot of bloodshed. Arya Stark killed Meryn Trent and then became blinded by the faceless man. Samwell Tarly and Gilly just left The Wall to start their happily ever after on the other side. Daenerys Targaryen fled the colosseum with her dragon, Drogon, who soon became angry and after eating five rams, decided that it was time for a nap. As he’s refusing to move, Targaryen gets surrounded by 100 Dothraki. As our hearts were still broken over the big Snow controversy, we had to also wait to see what would happen to her. Reek (previously known as Theon Greyjoy) finally took a stand and killed Ramsay Bolton’s mistress and jumped off a stone wall with Sansa Stark. Brienne of Tarth finally killed Stannis Baratheon by slitting his throat. Last but not least, Snow is summoned outside where he is stabbed multiple times by Lord Allister, the other officers and of course, Olly.

Within those last five minutes of season five, the whole world sat on the edge of their seats waiting to see what was going to happen. A year later we finally got the answers … well, at least some answers. For the last year, as the cast came out to promote the sixth season premiere, mum was the word. The struggle to keep the secrets of Westeros was hard for many of the cast members, but finally the wait is over.

The tension in the room as season six began could have been cut with a knife. As the camera panned onto Snow’s bloody body in the snow, the cries of his direwolf Ghost related to all of us. Some believed that the puddle of blood surrounding his life-less body verified that he is truly dead, but I’m not going to jump to any conclusions just yet. Snow’s actor Kit Harrington has been teasing GOT fans by still rocking the long curly hair, so there is still some hope.

Just when it seems that Sansa was finally free from Bolton’s reign of terror, hiding behind a tree stump just wasn’t enough. Once again, she sees her life coming to an end, until Brienne of Tarth finally fulfilled her promise to Sansa’s mother, Catelyn, and killed the knight’s guards. This time, when Brienne took an oath to always protect Sansa, “by the old gods and the new,” Sansa accepted. Now that the faceless man has kicked Arya out of his house, she’s living on the streets as a blind beggar. It seems the faceless man is trying to teach her a lesson, but we will have to wait and see.

The serious question that I’ve been waiting to answer is where did Drogon go after the Dothraki took Targaryen? We still don’t know, but we do know that Targaryen is walking back to the Dothraki village as their prisoner. The Dothraki men cat-call her the whole way back, until she meets Khal Moro and he finds out she’s the widow of Khal Drogo. He backs off her, but then summons her to go to the pyramid with the other Khal widows.
Episode one of season six is called “The Red Woman” and now we know why. As the episode comes to an end, Melisandre’s biggest secret is revealed. She takes her signature necklace off her neck and looks into the mirror. Right before our eyes, the minute she took the necklace off, she changes into an old woman. At that point, everyone watching had a mini heart attack. As the episode finishes, there are even more questions to ask: Why is Melisandre an old lady? Where is Daenerys going to end up? Is Jon Snow actually dead or is this just a joke?

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