The start of a new school year generates a great deal of emotions: excitement to see friends, anxiety about the start of classes and a general curiosity about what the year is to bring. While it is safe to say that the past few years have been far from normal for college students, with the pandemic and all of the change and regulations that it has brought about, there are some Fairfield University traditions that have stood the test of time: one of the most famous being the Seagrape Cafe. Located at 1144 Reef Road and just a short walk from Lantern Point, the home of many Fairfield seniors, the Seagrape has been acclaimed for its charm by Fairfield students for decades. Many of the seniors who live off-campus on the beach have made some of their fondest memories within the walls of the cozy college bar. 

Senior, Alexa Sanducci, regards it fondly as “one of those places where if you just go with your friends on any night you’ll have a good time.”

There is never a shortage of entertainment and excitement occurring at ‘The Grape,’ as it is so lovingly referred to. It has served as a hotspot for college students since it opened its doors in 1982, attracting crowds from both Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University. Though the weekends would certainly feel incomplete without witnessing crowds of students awaiting entry to the Seagrape, preparing to have a blast with their friends and keep the spirit of Stag Country alive, it is not a place solely for young adults. As stated on their website, “The Seagrape is the local’s pub. The tourist’s summer hangout. The college kid’s meeting place.” 

While it is definitely acclaimed to be an astounding spot by locals, the Seagrape also has its hold on people who are merely passing through the town of Fairfield. Its charm is impossible to ignore, between its delectable finger foods and vast drink options, as well as its endless sources of music entertainment. While there are seemingly endless ways to describe the magic of the Seagrape, there is little that can be done to accurately convey its wonder without actually stepping foot inside. 

To quote their website, “It’s just a feeling you get when you walk in the door. A feeling that you’ve been here before…that this is YOUR place”. 

The Seagrape is simply the type of location that you must experience in all its glory to fully appreciate. Take a lesson from the college kids and locals alike who simply can’t get enough of this eclectic Reef Road spot, and stop by to see what it’s all about!


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