This past Sunday, Feb. 12, the Super Bowl kicked off in Glendale, Ariz. where the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Philadelphia Eagles. 

While many Americans tune in to watch the game itself, others are more focused on Rihanna’s halftime show. The commercials airing during the game are also a big hit for many viewers. No matter your reason for tuning in, there’s no doubt that watching the big game is more fun with friends or family around. Here are some tips to make your next Super Bowl party a success.

If you’re not going to an on-campus watch party or a restaurant for the big game, host your friends to watch it right in your dorm. The first step you’ll need to follow is knowing how to watch the game. This year’s Super Bowl was available to watch on Fox channels, NFL+ and YouTube TV.

No Super Bowl party is complete without lots of food. After eating at the Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Common’s “Big Game” event, you might want some more snacks to share with your friends throughout the game. There are plenty of microwavable snacks available in the freezers at the Stags On The Run store. 

If you live in a townhouse or apartment with a kitchen, you may want to consider some make-ahead snacks to serve your guests. Guacamole is always a crowd-pleaser and is super easy to make. There are also tons of recipes available online for classic Super Bowl foods like Buffalo wings and potato skins.

Before the party even starts, you can invite your friends to write down their score predictions for the game. Everyone can predict who will be ahead at halftime and who the big winner will be. This is a fun way to keep everyone engaged as they root for their team to score.

Also in the spirit of cheering on your favorite team, decorations are a great way to bring something different to your Super Bowl party. Make a banner to welcome your guests or hang other decorations to go with each team’s colors.

You can also encourage some friendly rivalry at your watch party with color-coded cups and plates. At the Superbowl, Eagles fans could have drank from green cups, while Chiefs fans used red ones.

Most importantly, be sure to have fun, relax and watch the game. Don’t get too caught up in your hosting duties. Follow these tips and your next Super Bowl watch party will be a winner, even if your team isn’t.

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Junior | Assistant News Editor | Digital Journalism Major | Editing and Publishing Minor

Junior | Assistant News Editor | Digital Journalism Major | Editing and Publishing Minor

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