The Easter Bunny shot Satan

It was a pretty ordinary day

The Easter Bunny shot Lucifer

The crowd all shouted hooray

Hell was rising, bodies were flying

But the Easter Bunny saved the day

On a golden chariot he came riding

Wielding the great carrot of power

And in the other paw the gun of Jack Bauer

He came crashing down like thunder

While the Satan came from downunder

Mountains crumbled, people mumbled

“Is this the end?”  

“No the bunny’s coming round the bend”

“With no thumbs how does he hold the reins

As he comes soaring in like a hurricane?”

“Doesn’t matter” yells a bloke

“So long as he doesn’t choke”

With a great swing Satan broke the chariot

Taking out Secretariat

But the Easter Bunny wasn’t phased

No, he wasn’t even dazed

He plunged his carrot into Satan’s chest

And well, the gun did all the rest

With the job done he looked to the sky

The Easter Bunny gave a sigh

“The day is saved, it was not lost

But dear God, at what cost?”

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