In the moment of panic you bolt —

blindly increasing the distance,

the hurt will not overtake you.

Your random route ensures it.


Hurl yourself deeper and deeper into the maze.

lose your enemies, lose your friends —

But don’t lose yourself.

It’s so easy to lose yourself.


It’s only more haunting and scary further in

crumbling, overgrown, dark, desolate.

Do you even know the way back?

Have you lost yourself yet?


There’s a pounding in your skull that won’t go away

you can barely push on

but you certainly can’t go back.

It’s not just your head being crushed —

it’s your soul as well.


The maze whispers for you to give up;

the labyrinth has claimed another.

You forced everyone away and now you are



Untouchable, unreachable, isolated.

It’s all crumbling around you.

Give up. Give in.

You’ve lost yourself.
I warned you about losing yourself.

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