“You can’t go out there, it’s too dangerous!” The guard exclaimed, trying to block me from the gate leading out to the drawbridge.

“Watch me,” I replied with a scoff.

“It’s killed champions, people who could take on armies on their own with nothing but a sword and their bare hands. It’s sure suicide if you go out there!”

“Thanks for the warning you unmuzzled tickle-brained bum-bailey, but I’ve got it from here,” I replied, pushing past the nervous guard. Half the reason I was going out to fight the thing was because I was low key curious about what it looked like. I had heard stories about the long, pointed claws it had and the vicious, sharpened teeth that could snap steel beams in two. The other reason being the fact that I was bored, being locked up in the tower was only fun when I had my pet dragon, Rapunzel, fetching me take-out and fresh cookies from the bakery. Damn, the good ole days. Sadly, ever since that ridiculous prince thought that Rapunzel was me and tried climbing her hair only to see a dragon and fall out the window, Rapunzel thought that she would take her long hair and wings to another land and left me to walk down the endless flights of stairs to the hidden back door. Why the idiot made that mistake is beyond me; when you see a girl in a tower and a ton of hair, why do you then have to assume that hair is hers and that she’s trapped? Maybe she’s on vacation! Anyway, I’ve been waiting to get in a good fight ever since.

“Open the drawbridge,” I commanded to some soldiers who were too scared to think straight. As the bridge lowered, I saw it, the creature of legend, the creature that has decimated nations, was finally revealed.

“You have got to be kidding me. It’s a damn bunny?!”

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