How about we do something today,

You and me?

Do me a favor—

Just humor me.

Come out and take a run with me.

Let me show you how beautiful this sport can be.  

Let me introduce you to the community,

The camaraderie,

The pure sportsmanship.


Come out and take a run with me.  

Whatever your pace may be,

Put one foot in front of the other,

Believe in yourself,

And see what happens.


When you first begin your race,

Look to your left

And also to your right.

Smile at your family—

Those who have been your biggest cheerleaders

Since before you even laced up your first pair of running shoes—

As you pass.


Absorb the crowd’s thunderous applause,

And always cherish the company of your team members

And all fellow runners on the course.

Cheer for and encourage each other.

Don’t even hesitate to slap each hand that pops out as you speed by,

Because here’s the secret—

Nobody in the race is your opponent.


It’s not about you competing with any other girl or guy.

It’s really just you against the hills,

The miles,  

The ever-ticking clock,


Most importantly,

Your own underestimated body

And ability—

Your physical strength and mental willpower.

What it all comes down to is





Up and down hills you will go,


Just as you face the last one—

The biggest one—

Your muscles will begin to cower

As if they’re going to lock up for the day.

You know better, though,

And you rise to the occasion,

Conquering the incline

And finding a surprise burst of energy

To sprint the rest of the way

To the finish line

Where the crowd bursts with positivity

And roars for all runners—

The first finisher to the last.


Come out and take a run with me.  

Come experience the activity

That helps me become

The best me

That I can possibly be.

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