The job had gone easier than expected. Turns out the secretaries and front doormen have all kinds of things to say if you know the right questions to ask. While Jason was pretending to get an update on his estate trust, I had managed to work my way right into the security room of the entire law firm. It wasn’t complicated, just CCTV that was routed back to a single server and computer sitting on a desk. Everything else might as well have been for show.

I wait back in the car before Jason comes back. All this recon work doesn’t even raise my heart rate, only a calm, steady breath to guide me through the rest of this mission. The parking garage was old, but the sun had come out, lighting up the dark corners. An SUV on the other end of the lot clearly has his headlights on, and someone I can’t make out just sitting there. The beams light up the throughway in front of it, ending a few feet away from it. Unobstructed until the van pulled up.

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