There are countless perks of living in Dolan,

The old Julie Hall.

Once you get past the odd kinks and ghost-infested dreams,

And the creaks that inspire the soul-chilling screams,

You realize how convenient it is.

This ghost nun is not too terrifying.

In fact, she is polite

And problem rectifying.

Are your hands full with your freshly laundered clothes?

Just approach the elevator,

She will open the door for you—

She wouldn’t want you to drop those.

And how about the knocking we hear on our back wall?

Well, I guess that’s just another spooky detail of which to enthrall.

What about the random emergency call box activations?

See, all of this used to give me serious trepidations,

Particularly last fall,

But now it’s just normal,

Now I don’t even ask myself,

“Who you gonna call?”

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