In rows

we sit before the teachings of our professor

waiting in anticipation for the freedom to dance in the sun

upon the ringing bells


At once

we jump on the chance to depart

a classroom of stuffy air and darkened light

which we gladly exchange


To play

in the symposium of nature

Where the glistenings of an affectionate sun adorn the water with it’s graces

we eagerly learn


The lessons

of courage, joy, and adventure

where we study and are tested by the challenges bestowed

upon one another


To dusk

we run through the world

from the icy tips of Everest to the luscious prairie green

so that we may shriek beneath the humored heavens


We laugh

in the faces of adversity we howl in amusement

so that free of mind we may splash amongst the immortal waves

and snack on Eden’s fruits


Until time

has come to call for an end and lead the cause

home to bed so that opportunity might bless our youthful souls

to begin once again

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