What’s old can always be made new again and nothing is more true than when the notion is applied to fashion. Last year saw the revival of 70s trends with flare jeans and peasant tops finding their way back to the store shelves. This year, fashion is taking a trip back to the 90s, bringing back the trends that marked the youth of Fairfield students and students across the country alike. Take a trip down memory lane and rediscover some of your favorite fashion staples from the era of the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and “Friends.”


Women’s Trends:


Chokers: Nothing says the 90s like a black tattoo choker, but the traditional style is also seeing some major upgrades in the 21st century. To wear the trend in a way that still works with your modern style, try a simple black leather or velvet choker or even a wrap choker; this will make sure that your look stays current while also staying on trend. If you want to go full Spice Girls, definitely opt for the tattoo-style choker, which will bring any outfit you choose into full 90s glory.


Floral Prints: While floral prints never truly go out of style, this season is seeing the revival of small, more muted floral prints that harken back to the style of the early 90s. One of the easiest trends to wear, you can work the trend into your wardrobe through subtle accessories — like shoes or clutch purses — or in more obvious ways, like a skater-style dress or a floral top.


Men’s Trends:


Plaid: Wearing a plaid button-down is so totally 90s; Joey Tribbiani from “Friends” may just call you up and ask for his look back. However, as with all trends, they can be brought into the present by incorporating some modern pieces, like a cool leather sneaker. Even looking for smaller plaids instead of large, open plaids can breathe new life into the 90s staple.


Leather Jackets: A good leather jacket always has a place in a guy’s wardrobe, but the 90s brown leather jacket is making a comeback. To bring this standard into modernity, look for deep, rich browns and a fitted silhouette; this means looking for a slim, close fit throughout the body, which will ensure that the jacket doesn’t look boxy or oversized on your frame. If you want to incorporate an extra nod to the 90s with your leather jacket look, look for a bomber-style jacket that traditionally features a collar around the neck — with no exaggerated lapels like those on a motorcycle jacket — and pockets with zipper detailing.


Both: Dr. Martens Boots


If the 90s are calling your name, you’ll want to invest in a pair of Dr. Martens boots — more commonly called, “Doc Martens.” The epitome of 90s grunge fashion, these thick-soled combat-style boots come in a variety of finishes — including floral, patent and traditional leather — and will surely up your 90s style game.
Now that all of these great 90s style options are awaiting your discovery, you have no excuse not to send your style back in time by jumping on board with any of these trends.

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