“Blown Away”
by Carrie Underwood

Thank goodness for FUSA and really great friends, or I never would have gotten my chance to appreciate Carrie Underwood at her Blown Away tour. What better track to recommend than the last song of her performance? I, being a little green to the whole country scene, had never heard the song until Carrie herself was serenading us all sweetly in a gust of wind, sparkly confetti and emotions. This experience carrie-d (see what I did there?) through to her recorded music, which I downloaded as soon as I returned to my laptop. She is an amazing vocalist and tells a story through each of her songs. Take a moment when you’re listening and really pick up on the picture she’s painting; it’s really something.

“Give Me Love”
by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has really begun to pick up in popularity with his single “A Team” hanging around the Top Songs section of iTunes. He’s even featured on the new T-Swift album (but I wouldn’t know anything about that, would I?). The combination of minimalist guitar and a steady beat lets the listener really indulge in Sheeran’s vocals, which are excellent. This song in particular takes a while to get intense, but the build is what makes the song have such depth. I was late to the Sheeran party, but I’m not letting this track slip from my iPod for a long time.

by Something Corporate

This is a bit of a throwback for some people, but apparently I lived under a rock for some of my teenagerhood and missed out on So Co when they were a big thing. I got to hear this one for the first time driving around Fairfield last year, and no matter the amount of miles that I’ve gone since then, it’s still sticking with me. There’s always time to blast this one and go on an adventure to 16 Handles or anywhere else around campus. Just burn a mix CD, blast it and jam out when you can.

“Bright Lights and Cityscape”
by Sara Bareilles

I realize that a lot of people have heard a few songs here and there by this lovely lady, but her new EP “Once Upon Another Time” is just a real experience. This is not material for the lighthearted. Bareilles is the goddess of all ballads, and this song is no exception. Just put this on when it’s raining out (or even just a cold fog) and really contemplate your life decisions. Emotional yet? Good. You’re ready for more Bareilles.

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