In the course of a year, we tend to lose ourselves in the low months of January, February, and March; the sun loses its luster, the streets are barren and harsh and a universal sorrow introduces itself to all of us. We often are also tempted to believe that it has all passed on when a warm morning greets us, when we were expecting to awake in darkness, only to realize we’ve been tricked, in the afternoon and we return again. Recent times seemed to have been unfavorable to those of us who cannot escape from it.

However, presently, the sun is rising again, and spring is growing around us.

Fairfield’s Inter-Residential Housing Association and each Residential Housing Association at the University will celebrate spring’s bloom with their Spring Fest event set to take place on Saturday, April 23 and will last from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Quad. 

Annually, Spring Fest is one of the few wide-scale IRHA events. It is held on Fairfield’s campus which is organized and overseen by fellow students, consisting of every RHA, hosting their own section. Following the IRHA mission to create and foster a vibrant and understanding community on campus, SpringFest’s purpose accomplishes just that. 

When I asked IRHA Vice President, Anne Mackey ‘24, how the event corresponded with IRHA’s values, she wrote, “The mission of IRHA is to build and facilitate community within the university.” 

She added, “Through this event we hope to get everyone involved and outside.” 

Spring Fest will consist of not only free food and entertainment, but also events that were created by every different residence hall’s RHA.

At Spring Fest, in terms of dining options for the students, there will be a Super Duper Weenie food truck that will serve hotdogs. Additionally, other IRHA workers will be serving treats such as popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. 

In terms of the events, all nine RHA’s, which stem from the nine residence halls in each part of campus, will have set up a uniquely planned and selected event. Yet, there will be additional booths created by IRHA. You can expect the 42 Langguth RHA to have set up a photo booth, Jogues Hall will have a ‘Duck Pool,’ Gonzaga will have a ‘Tie-Dye Station,’ Regis will have a ‘Basketball Arcade,’ Southside will have an ‘Inflatable Obstacle Course’ and a chocolate fountain and McCormick will lay out spring coloring tasks. 

What might be the biggest attraction, however, is Campion and Loyola Hall and joining together in providing the eventful day with a Dunk Tank. In addition to all of these events, IRHA will have a large ‘Bucket Pong’ and a mechanical bull set up for anyone to participate.

Be sure to mark this fun fest on your calendar!

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