Do you remember Australian pop rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer? Yeah, I almost didn’t either. Returning to the music industry after a three-year hiatus, 5SOS — featuring Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford — dropped their single, “Want you Back” on Thursday, Feb. 23. This single was their first resurface since their 2015 “Sounds Good Feels Good” album, and the feel-good vibe did not disappoint.
Many millennial fans feel an attachment to 5SOS due to the fact that most of them grew up with the group. 5SOS emerged when they were attending college in 2011, released their last album in 2015 and now return with a new single.
Some fans grew with this band through their high school career, and are eager to see how the maturity of the band matches their own personal growth. For starters, the quartet’s single is extremely well-polished. Additionally, the band has evolved from their punk genre and taken on a more pop-funk style — demonstrating their shift to a more mature audience.
“Want You Back” features small glimpses of guitar work, while emphasizing their switch to a more electro composition. This adds an edgy undertone to a party-jam chorus, which allows the song to attract a diverse fanbase. Whether adding this song to your road-trip, shower or pregame playlist, “Want You back” is perfect for a variety of activities.
Content wise, “Want You Back” tells the story of a recently broken-up relationship, and reflects on the many emotions that often accompany a recent break-up. “I remember the freckles on your back/ And the way that I used to make you laugh/ Cause you know every morning I wake up/ Yeah I still reach for you/ I remember the roses on your shirt/ When you told me this would never work/ You know even when I say I’ve moved on/ Yeah I still dream for you.”
The lyrics give descriptive detail of an intimate moment of this breakup, and allows the audience to engage in the pain/struggle of the singer without carrying a depressing vibe, which is typically a difficult feat to produce successfully.
“Want you Back” is a preview to an upcoming album, which does not currently have a release date. A 26-venue tour announcement also accompanied the 5SOS single, where they will perform across the U.S. and throughout Europe.
5SOS will perform in New York at the Irving Plaza on April 12. “Want you Back” is available on iTunes for $1.29 and can also be found on popular streaming stations, such as Spotify.

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