The fiery winds of blues rock are storming the East Coast as the acclaimed duo of Celeste “CC” Spina and Anthony “Tone” Catalano touches down as the Little Hurricane. Drawing off the recent insurgence of the dirty blues movement seen through The White Stripes and The Black Keys, Little Hurricane takes a twist on the already-tired formula with their own snarl that has accumulated them a massive following. “Our take on blues is inspired by both of us playing in jazz band when we were younger, coupled with difficult life experiences and a desire to create dynamic songs” said Spina.

Despite releasing their first album, “Homewrecker,” in 2012, Little Hurricane has been active for the past five years. Catalano and Spina both reside in San Diego and met in 2009 when they found each other through Craigslist ads for their own respective bands. “We met up and realized we both lived on the same street in San Diego just three blocks apart,” said Spina. “The musical connection was immediate and within a year we were touring full time.”

The two have not only maintained a performance relationship, but also a personal one, as Catalano and Spina find themselves touring constantly around the country, with their fall 2015 tour being their most recent. “Before the band we didn’t know each other, but now consider ourselves very close friends.” said Spina. “Lots of travel, long hours and little sleep aren’t always easy to deal with for weeks or months on end, but given these conditions we make a solid team.”

Little Hurricane has also managed to achieve modest limelight as their hit, “Hold Me Back,” found its way into a Taco Bell commercial. “We got a lot of exposure and it helped our tour budget,” said Spina. “The limelight is just a small factor that adds to our experience of being able to create art for a living.” The group has managed to attract the likes of groups such as the John Butler Trio, of whom they toured with in 2014, and has even performed at major music festivals such as Lollapalooza and SXSW.

Now, with the release of their latest album, “Gold Fever,” in 2014, Little Hurricane has enlisted the help of July Talk, another dirty blues rock band, for one of their first headlining tours. Spina admired the group’s sound and quickly enlisted the group for a joint tour. “We are having a great time with them and have quickly become friends.” In addition, Little Hurricane is also in the process of recording a new album. “We did the majority of the recording on an Indian reservation in the mountains east of San Diego and are finishing it in Tahoe,” said Spina. “We have been playing some of the new songs live and they’ve been going over great. I think it’s our most honest album to date.”

To catch both Little Hurricane and July Talk in concert, head over to StageOne in downtown Fairfield on Wednesday, Nov. 18 for a roaring good time.


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