After a string of five less than satisfactory albums, Rivers Cuomo and company have put out an album that is worthy of standing tall next to the “Blue Album” and “Pinkerton.”

“Everything Will Be Alright In the End” is perfectly titled in the sense that despite some major flops, Weezer has pulled through and delivered an album that gets back to their roots.

A sort of youthfulness is reverberated throughout every song in the album and it sounds as though Weezer miraculously maintained their iconic sound from 1994. The point: Weezer is back and better than ever.

“Ain’t Got Nobody” starts the album off with an assault on the ears with a heavy power-chord progression that hooks the listeners through the middle of the chorus. The harmonies between band members add great depth to the song as well.

The first single off the album and also the most critical, “Back to the Shack,” chronicles the band throughout the process of recording this album and often references events from Weezer history such as Cuomo’s Lightning Bolt guitar strap, the formation of the band initially by Cuomo and Pat Wilson, and Cuomo’s recent relationship with his father. The song also provides a critique of modern music and the necessity to bring back radio.

As the album progresses, each song becomes more and more saturated with heavy guitar licks and a sort of groove that makes me wish that garage rock could make its way back to the mainstream culture of music.

“Eulogy For a Rock Band” is reminiscent of something off their album “Make Believe,” in the sense that it is anthemic and is sure to become a career staple such as “Beverly Hills” or “Perfect Situation.”

Weezer then jumps to “Da Vinci” and “Lonely Girl” which sound like they could appear off the “Blue Album” and are playful in nature and often explain the geeky aspect of not understanding girls.

Lets not forget, what made Weezer, ripping guitar riffs accompanied by ragging drumbeats and carefully melodic piano interludes. No worries, one can find these all packed into this new album especially through “Cleopatra,” which is a surprise of a song considering the soft intro.

Cuomo does not disappoint and provides new guitar solos that will have fans playing air guitar to all new songs.

The album ends with the Futurescope Trilogy that is split up into sounds that mirror how Weezer has sounded throughout the years, especially with the third part, “Return to Ithaka,” which references the bands return to their roots.

This is the Weezer album that Weezer fans have been waiting for since the release of the “Green Album.” This album has everything and more and will keep Weezer fans busy until their next album hits stores.

And if you aren’t a Weezer fan, listen to this album and I promise you that you’ll be a fan in a matter of time.

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