“SHINE” by Sawyer Garrity & Andrea Peña (ft. Stoneman Douglas Drama)

“SHINE” is a song written by the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It is a hopeful anthem that inspires change despite the tragedy the survivors went through. The song was performed at March for Our Lives on March 24 along with other acts performed by Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Jennifer Hudson. The song added to the powerful speeches made by the Stoneman Douglas High School students to inspire change.


“Found/ Tonight” by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Ben Platt

Another powerful song performed at the March for Our Lives was “Found/Tonight.” This song is a mashup of Hamilton’s “The Story of Tonight” and Dear Evan Hansen’s “You Will Be Found.” Proceeds from the song will be donated to the March for Our Lives initiative and campaign for gun control.


“Wish”by Diplo feat. Trippee Redd

In an age where SoundCloud rappers are the new punk rockers, Trippee Redd stands out as a wild voice amongst the crowd. In “Wish,” Trippee uses Diplo’s thoughtful and subdued production to go on a vocal odyssey, turning in one of his most emotional performances yet.


“Rose-Colored Boy” by Paramore

Paramore released their fifth single off their studio album “After Laughter” on March 2, 2018. Paramore just released the retro music video which has a very Ron Burgundy-Anchorman style to it and announced their ‘After Laughter’ Summer Tour with Foster the People.


“Say Amen (Saturday night)” by Panic! At the Disco

What’s even more exciting than Panic! At the Disco releasing a new single is the new music video they released alongside it. The entire concept is the lead singer being robbed and then single-handedly defeating all the robbers as if he’s some sort of super spy. Their upcoming album “Pray for the Wicked” is coming out June 22, 2018.


“Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha (ft. Florida Georgia Line)

This song is a great genre hybrid between the pop singer, Bebe Rexha, and the country superstars, Florida Georgia Line. The song was released as a country single despite appearing on Rexha’s “All Your Fault: Part 2” EP.


“The Dreamer” by The Tallest Man on Earth

Singer Kristian Matsson goes by the alias, The Tallest Man on Earth. The lyrics hold a lot of depth and this is a song that will really make you think. It’s also a great song to zone off and ponder your life to while staring out a train window.


“Never Be the Same” by Camila Cabello

Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of “Havana,” Camila Cabello released “Never Be the Same.” This song was released on International Women’s Day on March 8. The music video shows very personal moments from Cabello’s own life through home movies.


“Zombie” by Bad Wolves

With this song, Bad Wolves honored the late Dolores O’Riordan whose vocals were supposed to be featured on their revival of her single “Zombie.” “Zombie” was released in 1994 by O’Riordan’s band, the Cranberries. In memory of O’Riordan, the band released the song and have given the proceeds to her children. The music video features the same golden Egyptian goddess as in the original 1994 music video release.


“I Don’t Know Why” by Imagine Dragons

“I Don’t Know Why” is the first song released of Imagine Dragons’ Album “Evolve.” Once the chorus hits, the band transports you into an intense form of dangerous love. The song is a great embodiment of infatuation.

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