Dry the River – “Alarms in the Heart”

Two years after the East London band’s debut album “Shallow Bed” comes the long-awaited release of their sophomore album. Recorded in Iceland, the folk-rock follow-up is undeniably more mature, structured and confident than their first release. The most defining characteristic of the album, and what first put Dry the River on the map, is their ability to build their pieces into an almost tangible moment of booming catharsis.


Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) – “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten”

The husband and wife indie post-rock duo is back with their first full-length LP since 2009, and it was well worth the wait. The record is mellow and emotional, interspersed with occasional moments of high-energy raucousness. The simpler guitar work and lo-fi production keep it intimate, while the lyrics have moved from the previously metaphor-heavy prose to a more narrative driven approach.


Spoon – “They Want My Soul”

Spoon’s eighth studio album, and first since 2010, features new member Alex Fischel on guitar and keyboard. Even though they’ve been steadily releasing music for the past 20 years, this new album surpasses the standards set by their already successful career in the indie rock genre. “They Want My Soul”contains all the aspects that have come to define Spoon, along with even more developed vocals and versatile instrumentation.


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