Pharrell Williams- “G I R L”

With the infectious single “Happy” already stuck in everyone’s heads, Pharrell’s latest release is nothing but feel-good vibes and funkiness. The album features many guests, including Miley Cyrus, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys. Pharrell’s sound is definitely more pop-like than one might expect, with no sign of his rapper alter ego, Skateboard P. All 10 tracks are mainstream radio ready, so be prepared to hear nothing but these songs in the upcoming months.

Metronomy – “Love Letters”a9163ed7

The British group’s fourth full-length album is their best yet, as well as their most emotionally charged. The band’s tendency to favor a more vintage sound is still apparent, but the air of ‘60s synth-laden pop suits them. Metronomy’s style is distinctive and charming, but in a weird, cool, old-fashioned way. Be sure to check out the groovy music video for “Love Letters” directed by Michel Gondry.

Tacocat_LP1TacocaT – “NVM”

Bright, surf rock and humorous, yet relevant song topics combine to form the sugary sweet band that is TacocaT. One song titled “Hey Girl” addresses the annoyance of street harassment, while still remaining catchy and chipper. None of the songs go for longer than two minutes, so the album is basically a collection of amusing power-pop tidbits.

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