Black Rock, CT

Vapor is coming out of his nose, but he’s not smoking, it’s just cold. 7:14 AM, waiting for his colleague to pick him up outside of his house. A grey Cadillac Sedan is coming down the street. At this time of year, even the paint can’t hide the dirt and slush that’s growing up from the underside. That’s Jason alright. It stops in front of Ryan and the door clicks unlocked.

“C’mon, we’re late.”

Ryan sits down in the passenger seat as the car starts moving.

“Where are we going? You never told me.”

“The courthouse. And a few law firms. I’ve already called ahead but we want to get as much information as possible on our little friends here. And don’t just be quiet and follow right behind me. Either ask questions and get in with all the clerks and assistants, or pay very close attention to how things work. We’ll probably be there for a while.”

Bridgeport is coming into clearer view as the long highway stretches over brown rail yards and off-color buildings. What goes on here? Who knows.

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