Contributed by Elizabeth Cleveland / Associate Manager at Day One 

A new voice is making its way as an upcoming local artist of rap music. After having listened to Shah’s first five debut songs, I have come to the simple conclusion that he is like any new artist: he’s got raw talent and a strong voice.

The music itself is enticing. Each of his songs incorporates a stylized pop sensation that is vibrant to the ears, no matter what genre of music you are interested in. You can prominently hear the instruments introduce the song in an appealing style.  A few seconds later, the songs dive into a typical rap-style rhythm. Once his lyrics merge with the track, the songs have the potential to take on a different form dependent on the lyrics, beat and rhythm. Here is where each song can be scrutinized on the basis of the flow of the music mixed with Shah’s deep, low voice.

“Untouchable”: Shah’s official rap-exposure to the world and also our first reciprocation of what I originally criticized as a rusty and off-beat voice. Gradually, this voice became acceptable and pleasing to the ear after listening to the next few tracks and getting a feel for Shah’s style.

After hearing “Untouchable,” I first thought that Shah either had a very nasally voice, or was just off-beat. After listening repeatedly to all of his tracks, I realized that, yes, it does sound a bit off-beat at times. The beat at which he spews out his lyrics is either too fast or too prominent than the slower and more subtle beat of the music.

However, his second track “Ex” saves him from my scrutiny and proves that he can live up to the commercialist-side of music. Vulgar, catchy lyrics, a rhythmic beat in both music and voice and a typical house-party theme allows this song come to life. Surprisingly, this is Shah at his greatest because it is a song that will sell. It’s perfect commercialism. Even if you totally despise the song’s lyrics, you cannot ignore the fact that it is catchy. It has an “it’s Friday” effect on you where, as annoying as Rebecca Black’s voice was, you still caught yourself singing the chorus.

Similarly, his latest track, “Memorize This Moment,” has a lively theme invoked by a different composition of music which complements his voice much more than his other tracks, while also incorporating powerful lyrics. At the same time, the presence of other voices in his chorus really adds to the song’s power overall. Even if his rapping is too fast for the average listener, you can still appreciate the overall instruments and voices that collaborate in this piece.

It is indefinite as to whether Shah will become the next big thing, but I believe that he is most certainly on his way.

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