Urban House: This was the first hostel I ever stayed at and it set the bar pretty high. Urban House feels more like a hotel or clubhouse than a hostel, with a full bar, laundry room, kitchen, pool table and very clean rooms. It was a little on the pricey side as far as hostels go (not the $15 a night price tag you may expect at some hostels), but a great place to stay and central to the city.



Ask anyone who’s been to Copenhagen and they’ll say “the food is amazing.” Before visiting, I really didn’t know what this would entail. Is Danish cuisine especially great? What even is Danish cuisine? I still cannot answer either of these questions, because what makes the food in Copenhagen so incredible isn’t the food itself, it’s the quality. Here are my two favorite can’t-miss places to eat in Copenhagen:

Apropos: I found this restaurant completely on a whim and it was right down the street from the hostel I stayed at for the weekend. I can honestly say that at Apropos I had the best omelet and cup of coffee that I’ve ever had. The atmosphere is very chill and it is the perfect place to get brunch with friends.

Falafel: To my complete surprise, there is a kebab/falafel place on basically every corner in Copenhagen. Similarly to the coffee and omelets, here I had the best falafel ever. To prove my point, in the two and a half days I was in Copenhagen, I had four falafels. No exaggeration. Perfect for lunch, dinner or a late night snack, falafel is a must-have during your weekend in Copenhagen.



There’s so much to do in Copenhagen, but unlike more well-known European cities, it’s hard to know where to go without some pre-arrival research. Here are some of my favorite (and free) places that I visited during my stay:

Rosenborg Palace and Gardens: Rosenborg Palace is so beautiful and completely unlike any other palace that I’ve seen while in Europe. Although you have to pay to tour the inside, it’s just as fun to wander around the immense gardens surrounding the palace and see the incredible architecture from the outside.

University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden: Right across the street from Rosenborg Palace are the botanical gardens. The Palm house is a great tropical escape from the cold Danish weather and is another opportunity to wander around and see new things. There is an outside portion to the gardens but also many glass houses filled with any kind of plant you can imagine. A fun, free place to visit during your stay.

Nyhavn: This district is the poster child of Copenhagen with its colored houses along the canal. As the city’s number one landmark, it is a must-see, and there’s also lots of churro and waffle shops along the way.

Bike: While in Denmark, do as the Danish do and bike. This is a city where there are more bikes than people and everybody bikes everywhere. Not only is it the quickest way to get from place to place, but it also gives you the chance to see Copenhagen like locals and really explore the city.

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