Marylebone High Street is a picturesque, London high street (a business/shopping street) near Regent’s University, where Fairfield students studying abroad in London attend school. Although it’s easy to get distracted by busy Baker Street nearby, which really isn’t that appealing but has every chain restaurant and store you’ll ever need, Marylebone is the perfect place for Sunday brunch or window shopping in the afternoon. There’s never a lack of things to do or places to eat and, again, unlike Baker Street, Marylebone actually feels like a European city.


To Shop

This street is one of my favorite places for shopping when you aren’t actually intending on buying anything. You have Anthropologie, Cath Kidston, J. Crew, lululemon — basically all of those stores where you want everything, but buy nothing. My favorite London book store also happens to be on Marylebone — Daunt Books. They have the absolute best selection of travel books that I’ve ever seen and the store itself, with its hard-wood walls and shelves of books, feels like something out of a British rom-com.


To Brunch

Coco Momo — My favorite place for brunch on Marylebone, a cute bistro with a European vibe. My personal go-to meal is their ‘full vegetarian,’ a vegetarian take on the classic British brunch of eggs, toast, beans (I always take on the side), grilled tomato, Portobello mushroom and (vegetarian) sausage.

Le Pain Quotidien — Another great brunch option, even though it’s a chain. Their fresh-squeezed orange juice is definitely worth the price and, if you’re in a rush, you can always go to the café bar to get pastries and coffee to go.


To Dine

Providores — Definitely on the fancier side as far as restaurants go, so bring your parents so they can pay the bill. However, this ‘tapas’ (starter size) style restaurant has the most interesting and delicious plates that you would never think of as being good, such as sweet potatoes, coconut and banana soup with kiwi fruit guacamole — it was unexpectedly incredible.


To Drink

The Angel in the Fields — Not the place to go for a wild night out, but this pub exclusively serves beer from the oldest pub in Yorkshire, Samuel Smith’s. An authentically British experience, try out one of their fruit beers for something a little different.


Whether you’re eating, drinking, shopping or taking a lazy walk, be sure to check out Marylebone.

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